Vitro X4 Espresso

The Vitro X4 Espresso includes everything you would enjoy from the X3 Espresso with enhanced production capacity.
Much like the X3, The Vitro X4 Espresso provides authentic Italian style beverages through high-pressure espresso technology.
This machine is guaranteed to attract customers attention and enhance the user experience at every service.
Finished in a smoke glass, angular design, and a chrome finish; this machine provides a striking and contemporary feel.
The touchscreen user interface is very similar to many consumer devices with large drink button icons.
This touchscreen displays an elegant menu, providing a state of the art look which will complement any location.

Features and Benefits:

-Smoked glass contemporary finish

-Touch screen interface

-Twin pouring spout

-LED lit drink button icons

-One touch operation

-Go large facility

-LED lit drink preparation area

-Intuitive tray

-Customisable mood lighting

– Fast Dispense

Drink Selections Available:  Cappuccino  Espresso   BlackCoffee  Cafe Latte  Cafe Au Lait  Chocolate  Cafe Mocha  Latte Macchiato Hot Water


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Vitale S

Vitro X3