Vitro X3 Espresso

The Vitro X3 Espresso provides authentic Italian style beverages through high-pressure espresso technology.
This machine is guaranteed to attract customers attention and enhance the user experience at every service.
Finished in a smoke glass, angular design, and a chrome finish; this machine provides a striking and contemporary feel.
The touchscreen user interface is very similar to many consumer devices with large drink button icons.
This touchscreen displays an elegant menu, providing a state of the art look which will complement any location.

Features and Benefits: 

-Smoked glass contemporary finish
-Touch screen interface
-Twin pouring spout
-LED lit drink button icons
-One-touch operation
-Go large facility
-LED lit drink preparation area
-Intuitive tray
-Customisable mood lighting
-Fast dispense
Drink Options:  Espresso  Black Coffee  White Coffee  Americano  Chocolate  Cappuccino  Cafe Mocha  Cafe Latte  Cafe Au Lait  Hot Water