Vitro S3

The Vitro S3 series are fast and comprehends an expansive variety of coffee brewing technologies.

The Vitro S3 Fresh Brew Tea incorporates a paperless fresh leaf tea brewing system which takes freshly prepared leaf tea based drinks to the Vitro menu.

The Vitro S3 Bean to Cup offers a combination of freshly ground and brewed bean coffee with chocolate and milk.

The Vitro S Series ensures you can provide your customers the drinks they want, just as they like them. The core features of Vitro S are its speed and reliability, so you can relax while Vitro provides your customers with a pleasant coffee experience.

The Vitro S range offers a high-quality standard coffee shop style drink menu on a single touch. The range is identified mainly for its quick service delivery and ample coffee brewing technologies.

Drink Options:


-Black Coffee
-Black Tea
-White Tea
-Cafe Mocha
-Cafe Latte


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