Tango All Snack

The TANGO All Snack; the Snack & Food vendor, which will charm you with its flexible allure. Tango has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, cans or bottles – or a combination of all four. Simple design and excellent performance combined in a machine that delivers great value for money and enhances any environment from medium to large locations.
Features & Benefits:

  • A flexible layout that can offer snacks, confectionery, cans, and bottles
  • Optimal visibility of the offered items
  • High-efficiency cooling unit for low energy consumption
  • Excellent capacity/size ratio
  • Available with or without the new ETL (Electronic Tray Label) system
  • LED internal cabinet lighting
  • Capacitive ‘Touch Sensitive’ blue LED backlit keypad
  • Pull out delivery bin
  • Rolling price display
Tango All Snack


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