Palma Cold Drink

At just 724 mm wide – The Palma Cold Drink can go through a standard doorway. It incorporates an advanced Belt delivery System which increases its capacity to 7 products per selection and enables the dispense of cartons, cans, and bottles.

Avoiding and preventing vandalism is key to public vending operations that depend on snack and drink machines.
The Palma avoids losses due to the iDetect vend system that increases satisfaction and reduces vandalism. In addition, the collection tray is designed to make accessing the product zone impossible.
The machine is virtually a safe, thanks to its case manufactured from galvanized steel, anti-leverage system, steel buttons and triple toughened glass front.
  • Height1830 mm
  • Width724 mm
  • Depth865 mm
  • Voltage230 V
  • Maximum Power500 w


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