The Krea is now available in a new version which can produce both espressos with a perfect creme and freshly brewed coffee.

The new brewer can work at different infusion pressures and has two separate outlets, one for espresso and one for regular coffee. You also have the option to deliver up to 16 Oz drinks in one shot Features & Benefits:

  • Elegant and appealing design with precious chromium plated frame around the selection area
  • Chromium plated push buttons with well readable LED lit selection area
  • The possibility of LED lighting in the cup station plus
    cup detector
  • Matt-brushed aluminum side panels
  • Stainless steel cup support
  • 2 separate outlets for Espresso and
    Regular Coffee
  • Large graphic display 128 X 64 pixel
  • 3 soluble canisters
  • Colour coding of the main internal
    components for easy maintenance