BevMax 45

Features & Benefits:

  • A glass front, refrigerated bottle and can vendor designed to maximize impulse sales
  • Five delivery trays with nine channels handle most shapes and sizes of bottles and cans
  • Unique, motorless vend mechanism
  • Vends glass or PET bottles from any tray
  • Clear display of all products
  • Up to 495 product capacity
  • 45 product facings – no product
    decals needed
  • Full hermetic construction of dual
    condenser refrigeration system for long service life
  • All components serviceable
    from machine front
  • Accessible to young people
    and wheelchair users
  • Compatible with MDB coin
    mechanisms, cashless and telemetry systems
  • Menu driven programming
  • Individual pricing by selection
  • Self-test diagnostic system
  • Financial and product audit
  • Eight character scrolling display


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